1. General Provisions

1.1. Program Participant Freedom Limited is open to any person over the age of majority under the laws of their country and with the right to self-disposal of own finances, provided that it is not contrary to the laws of the country of residence and international law.
1.2. Register on the website of the Company and further cooperation is a voluntary decision of each client.
1.3. Passage of registration is evidence that the client fully accepts all the conditions of this Agreement, agrees to comply with all the obligations and entitled to all rights set forth below in this Agreement.
1.4. All text materials on the Site, as well as its design and any other contained information on the Site are the objects that fall under the protection of the Copyright Act and are the exclusive intellectual property of the Company. The use of any material, program logo, and other materials and articles is possible only under condition of mandatory approval of the Company's management.
1.5. Information, documents, materials, opinions published on the Site are purely advisory in nature. Responsibility for the consequences of their use rests with the Customer.
1.6. In case of disagreement between the Parties, these differences will be settled exclusively by negotiations between the Parties, to their complete solutions.

2. The rights, duties and responsibility of the Client

2.1. When registering in the program, customers must fill out the registration form on the website, specifying only true, current and correct information required for registration.
2.2. The customer has the right to register only one unique account. The uniqueness of the account is determined by a combination of user name, E-mail and ip-addresses.
2.3. Customer shall pay the investment funds in the program, the company exclusively on its own initiative, voluntary and is solely responsible for the consequences of their actions.
2.4. The client has the right to be invited to cooperate in a program of his friends, acquaintances and other persons, using only legitimate means, such as via e-mail (not spam), advertising on various forums and websites, as well as other actions to develop the project, not prohibited by the law of the state under whose jurisdiction the client, and not inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement.
2.5. The client is obliged to provide only truthful information about the program, and to prevent any kind was written or oral statements which defame the reputation of the Company, in the media, blogs, social networks and other means of communication.
2.6. Customer agrees not to use the contacts of the Company for other purposes, namely sending of contacts Company private advertising, information about other projects and companies, to conduct personal correspondence in order to address issues that are not related to the program or the investment process.
2.7. The company uses in its operations-the-art hardware and software, as well as the most powerful and reliable means of protection available today. However, customers of the Company are urged to ensure full security of their personal data, data authentication and anti-virus protection of your PC in order to protect their assets by taking possession of their attackers (password theft, obtaining unauthorized access to the account party). It is recommended to use licensed antivirus programs and firewalls (firewalls).
2.8. In the event of trying to establish the fact of the Customer or unauthorized access to their account or e-mail, the Client is obliged to immediately inform the Company's customer support. The client also has the right to contact support in case of any problem or difficult situation.
2.9. The Customer agrees that the breach of any provision of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to unilaterally apply the appropriate measures of influence provided for each possible violation.

3. The rights, duties and responsibilities of the Company

3.1. The company provides each client the opportunity to choose a unique user name, which will be tied to their account for the program. The Company provides the Client with round the clock access to the operational and accounting system (account) from the date of this Agreement.
3.2. The company provides data confidentiality, as well as all information about the operations that are stored in the customer's account. Under no circumstances will the Company does not transfer sensitive data to third parties the Client. The company is not responsible if the client himself has not provided adequate protection of their data, account or voluntarily handed over any of this information to third parties.
3.3. The company provides timely automatic accrual of profit to each participant in accordance with the investment proposal and the draft Regulation, in the case of compliance by the Customer of the terms of this Agreement.
3.4. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally make changes or additions to the present Agreement. About the planned changes and the date of their entry into force the Company undertakes to inform the official group of Vkontakte, as well as in the Telegram and Skype chats. If customers will not read these notices (changes / additions), or will be ignored, the consequences lies entirely on the client.
3.5. The company has the right to block the Customer's account in the following cases:
a) If the Member uses profanity in the correspondence with the Company;
b) if the client allows himself to negative and defamatory statements about the program, and other participants of the program on forums, blogs, chat rooms and other thematic online resources;
c) if the client provides proactive, using spam technology.
d) if the customer creates more than one account in the program;
d) if the Client actions directed to the deteriorating quality characteristics Site using malicious software and hardware;
e) if discernible motives in the actions of the client, aimed at inciting ethnic hatred.

4. Payment Procedure

4.1. Profits accruing client's company carried out according to the investment proposal in the automatic mode of activation of the deposit. 4.2. Earning profit client is on his account balance.
4.3. Withdrawal instant mode is carried out, provided that the available funds on balance in the customer's account.
4.4. The request for withdrawal of funds by the Client independently through electronic payment systems that are supported by the Company's investment process. All costs associated with cash withdrawal system takes over.
4.5. Customer agrees that he will not make a claim against the Company in the event of delay in payment for reasons of force majeure, technical problems on the websites of electronic payment systems or otherwise, beyond the company's reasons. Customer acknowledges that these factors are beyond the competence and sphere of responsibility of the Company;

5. Guarantees and limitation of liability

5.1. The company operates in strict accordance with the laws of the UK, as well as in terms of international investment cooperation - in accordance with international law.
5.2. The company's main activity is to earn income by investing in cryptotrading.
5.3. The Company undertakes to ensure the correct operation of the site and each account.
5.4. In the event of failure of the program, the Company guarantees the recovery and the rapid launch of the program in operation.

6. Period of validity, amendment and termination of the contract

6.1. The agreement is concluded with the adoption by the Customer in accordance with paragraphs 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 of this Agreement and shall be valid for the lifetime of the Company's programs.
6.2. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Agreement without notice to the Client of the changes. Customer agrees that must independently keep track of all the changes and additions that can make a company into the text of this Agreement, or the contents of any section of the site.
6.3. Any action that will produce the company's website Client after any changes, confirms customer acceptance of these changes.
6.4. In cases of violation of the terms of the Agreement by the Client, the Company reserves the right to block the member's account and terminate this Agreement unilaterally without prior notice.

7. Final Provisions

7.1. This Agreement in the form of an electronic document is available to all visitors and clients of the program on the official website of the Company:
7.2. The Parties acknowledge that this Agrement is signed, accepted in electronic form, has bilateral legal force, that is, the power of the original and can not be challenged by third parties.
7.3. The Parties recognize and confirm that any cooperation between the Parties has the character of a private transaction, the details and conditions which can not be disclosed to third parties.
7.4. All sections of the Site of the Company are related to this Agreement will automatically and are enforceable by the Parties in the same manner as this Agreement.